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By the way: I regard the .td0 format to be evil! I understand it was very useful a few years ago to easily transport disk images through mail or other means, but today there are better ways to handle such stuff, and the company that designed Teledisk (Sybex) would not give out any specs on the storage or compression scheme used, so it's hard to write a replacement tool e.g. under Linux. Even the company now owning the rights to Teledisk, TelePort, would not give me any information. Folks, this is a dead end! Avoid it!

The best thing now would be to find out how exactly they store the data in these .td0 files, then convert all existing .td0's on the net into something less closed, like a .zip archive of all samples, programs, multis, effects etc. contained in one .td0 volume.

(this page is going to grow a lot in the future..)


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