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Tools for data exchange between a Linux PC and AKAI samplers
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This is right now probably the most valuable place of this project. Here I am trying to collect all kinds of useful information for this project. If you have anything to contribute, any corrections or additions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Here is a short page that explains how to backup and restore AKAI-formatted floppy disks under Linux.

The Akai Professional web page used to hold the SysEx (System Exclusive) documentation for the S1000/S2000/S2800 (and related) samplers for quite a while, but when the website was relaunched some time in summer last year, this information was not available anymore.
Fortunately I had a printout of those docs on paper, and typed them in again. Please find here:

These documents depend on each other (e.g., the S2000 SysEx implementation is a superset of the S1000), so be sure to get all three documents if you need complete reference information.


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